Roadshows & Hourly Charters

AAA Worldwide Transportation successfully executes daily roadshows and complex hourly charters using a multi-pronged approach.

At AAA, we understand both the importance and the complexities of roadshows and complicated hourly rides.  Everything must go right.  Our team makes sure that it does by:

  • Guaranteeing the accuracy of your reservation:  Your roadshow itinerary is reviewed more than 10 times as we prepare for your ride.  Logistics and special requests are double-checked and then tripled-checked to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Handpicking the best chauffeur:  Roadshow chauffeurs are individually trained and tested to ensure they can deliver the service flawlessly.  Your chauffeur will be assigned based on his or her ability to accommodate your specific needs and deliver an outstanding experience. You will always have one of our best-trained, most senior chauffeurs behind the wheel.
  • Preparing for your ride:  Our chauffeurs diligently prepare for your ride so they are ready for any last-minute itinerary changes or route detours.  Chauffeurs map out alternate routes between all locations and are equipped with a GPS.  Dispatchers carefully monitor your vehicle’s location throughout the ride, assisting, when needed, with unexpected traffic or detours.
  • Communicating with you:  We can provide your chauffeur’s name, photograph, cell phone number, and license plate 24 hours prior to the ride, along with status updates throughout the day.  You always have 24/7 access to live dispatchers for any last-minute changes or questions.
  • Fulfilling all special requests:  Our entire staff is dedicated to fulfilling your special requests.  From particular beverage choices to specific tires (we once had a request to purchase and install a specific brand of tires for a pickup at the tire manufacturer’s headquarters), we will coordinate the resources required to meet your needs.

Through proper preparation, outstanding communication, and a focus on execution, AAA Worldwide Transportation provides outstanding Roadshow & Hourly Charter service. Call Kim Force, Manager of Business Development, at (800) 932-7789 to discuss how we can help you.


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