AAA Worldwide Transportation carries 10 times the insurance coverage of its competitors.

The state of New Jersey requires limousine companies to provide $1.5 million of liability insurance. AAA Worldwide Transportation carries $15 million of liability coverage, ten times the minimum required by the state.

AAA has always catered to top corporate executives.  Experienced procurement officers and risk managers know that minimum levels of service are never acceptable to top management, and neither are minimum levels of insurance.  

Our $15 million policies are backed by Lancer Insurance Company (rated ‘Excellent’ by A.M. Best) and Scottsdale Insurance Company (rated ‘Superior’ by A.M. Best). Both companies will be there in the unlikely event that we need them.

AAA Worldwide Transportation is proud to protect its clients with $15 million of liability coverage on all of its company-owned fleet vehicles. Call Kim Force, Manager of Business Development, at (800) 932-7789 to discuss how AAA helps achieve your insurance and duty of care goals.


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