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Duty of Care

At AAA Worldwide Transportation, the safety of our passengers and chauffeurs is our top priority. We will never compromise on it.

AAA Worldwide Transportation has a comprehensive safety program that focuses on our chauffeurs, our vehicles, our insurance, and our technology.

  • Your Duty of Care to Travelers: Every corporation has a responsibility to their employees to take steps to keep them safe when they travel for business. Our entire safety program is built to support your duty of care to your travelers.
  • Chauffeur Safety: Our chauffeurs receive extensive training on defensive driving and accident avoidance that keeps you safe and secure.
  • “Meet Your Chauffeur” emails: Know who’s driving you with an introductory email before your pickup with your chauffeur’s name, photograph, cell number, and license plate. You can even track the vehicle’s GPS location in some markets.
  • GPS Tracking:Our dispatchers will track your vehicle’s location, speed, and heading to ensure safe operation and assist with last minute requests and routing changes.
  • In-vehicle cameras:In the event of hard braking, swerving, or a collision, our in-vehicle cameras save a video of the events just before and after the incident, providing both a training aid and insurance documentation.
  • Insurance:Enjoy the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of an accident, we’ve got you covered with our $15 million insurance policy on every vehicle in our company-owned fleet.

Choose AAA Worldwide Transportation if safety of your travelers is your top concern! Call Kim Force, Manager of Business Development, at (800) 932-7789 today to learn more about our services and how we keep your travelers safe!

Our chauffeurs are specially trained to keep you safe and comfortable.

Regardless of the vehicle, a well-trained chauffeur can make the difference between a comfortable, safe ride and a disaster. At AAA Worldwide Transportation, our chauffeur safety and service training starts at the time of hire and never ends.

Extensive Pre-hire Vetting: All chauffeurs receive thorough vetting during the application process. We exclude candidates with poor driving histories or criminal convictions disclosed via our biometric background checks. We require drug and alcohol screenings on all candidates before hire. We even take a test drive with our candidates to evaluate their driving style.

Smith System of Safe Driving: The Smith System of Safe Driving is the most highly-regarded training system for defensive driving. AAA is one of very few limousine companies to employ a certified Smith System trainer to train each of our chauffeurs. The Smith System saves lives, and AAA is proud to teach it to every chauffeur on our staff.

Initial Training: All chauffeurs receive over a week of paid training upon hire. In addition to the Smith System of Safe Driving, service standards, technology, and company policy are covered during the classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction.

Biweekly Quizzes: All of our chauffeurs are given brief quizzes every other week to keep them focused on client safety and service. Top scorers receive awards; lower performers receive follow-up training.

Chauffeur Meetings: With an emphasis on safety and service, we schedule periodic meetings to bring our entire chauffeur staff together for classroom and practical training.

In-Vehicle Cameras: Cameras mounted inside each vehicle detect unsafe driving and record a video clip for review by supervisors.

At AAA Worldwide Transportation, we believe that consistently delivering outstanding service and driving safely are the keys to customer satisfaction and client retention. We maintain this single-minded focus on quality through constant training and evaluation.

When you ride with AAA Worldwide Transportation, you know you will arrive safely. Call Kim Force, Manager of Business Development, at (800) 932-7789 today to discuss how we can drive you safely.

AAA Worldwide Transportation carries 10 times the insurance coverage of its competitors.

The state of New Jersey requires limousine companies to provide $1.5 million of liability insurance. AAA Worldwide Transportation carries $15 million of liability coverage, ten times the minimum required by the state.

AAA has always catered to top corporate executives. Experienced procurement officers and risk managers know that minimum levels of service are never acceptable to top management, and neither are minimum levels of insurance.

Our $15 million policies are backed by Lancer Insurance Company (rated ‘Excellent’ by A.M. Best) and Scottsdale Insurance Company (rated ‘Superior’ by A.M. Best). Both companies will be there in the unlikely event that we need them.

AAA Worldwide Transportation is proud to protect its clients with $15 million of liability coverage on all of its company-owned fleet vehicles. Call Kim Force, Manager of Business Development, at (800) 932-7789 to discuss how AAA helps achieve your insurance and duty of care goals.

“Meet Your Chauffeur” emails include your chauffeur’s name, photo, cell number – and your peace of mind.

Traveling can be a stressful experience, particularly in an unfamiliar airport faced with a sea of chauffeurs holding greeting signs. AAA Worldwide Transportation solves this problem with our “Meet Your Chauffeur” emails. Containing your chauffeur’s name, photograph, cell phone number, vehicle model, and license plate, an email arrives 40 minutes before your pickup. In some markets, the “Meet Your Chauffeur” email includes a link to track the GPS position of your vehicle as it arrives to pick you up and execute your ride.

AAA’s “Meet Your Chauffeur” emails instantly provide travelers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that connecting with their chauffeur will be secure and painless.

“Meet Your Chauffeur” emails are just one way that AAA makes traveling easy! Call Kim Force, Manager of Business Development, at (800) 932-7789 to discuss how we can help with your ground transportation needs.

Our vehicle safety program ensures that all AAA passengers ride in safe, well-maintained vehicles!

At AAA Worldwide Transportation, we believe that safe rides begin with a safe vehicle. That’s why we have developed our comprehensive vehicle safety and preventative maintenance program:

New Vehicles: We buy only new vehicles (never used) direct from the manufacturer. This guarantees body integrity and ensures we always have the latest safety equipment. Every sedan in our fleet is outfitted with blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, a lane-departure warning system, a forward collision mitigation system with automatic braking, rear parking sensors & camera, stability & traction control, and both front- and side-impact airbags.

Daily Chauffeur Safety Inspections:  Before and after every ride, our chauffeurs conduct a safety inspection of their vehicle, checking brakes, turn signals, tire inflation, and the horn.

Bi-weekly Mechanic Safety Inspections: Every two weeks, our mechanic conducts a rigorous 90-point safety inspection of every vehicle.

Every AAA employee, from chauffeurs up to top management, have the responsibility and the authority to have a vehicle removed from use if he or she feels there is a safety concern.

Vehicle breakdown or accident: All AAA chauffeurs are well-trained on the procedures in the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown or accident. Your chauffeur will immediately summon police or EMS to assist with injuries, if necessary. Your chauffeur will then call Dispatch and advise them of the situation. Depending on the chauffeur’s report, Dispatch will either immediately send a replacement vehicle or allow the ride to continue in the original vehicle. In the event of an accident, the chauffeur will complete an accident report, debrief with management, and receive a post-accident drug and alcohol screen.

When you ride with AAA Worldwide Transportation, you know you will arrive safely. Call Kim Force, Manager of Business Development, at (800) 932-7789 to discuss how we can drive you safely.

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