At AAA Worldwide Transportation, the safety of our passengers and chauffeurs is our top priority.  We will never compromise on it.

AAA Worldwide Transportation has a comprehensive safety program that focuses on our chauffeurs, our vehicles, our insurance, and our technology.

  • Your Duty of Care to Travelers:  Every corporation has a responsibility to their employees to take steps to keep them safe when they travel for business.  Our entire safety program is built to support your duty of care to your travelers.
  • Chauffeur Safety:  Our chauffeurs receive extensive training on defensive driving and accident avoidance that keeps you safe and secure.
  • “Meet Your Chauffeur” emails:  Know who’s driving you with an introductory email before your pickup with your chauffeur’s name, photograph, cell number, and license plate.  You can even track the vehicle’s GPS location in some markets.
  • GPS Tracking:  Our dispatchers will track your vehicle’s location, speed, and heading to ensure safe operation and assist with last minute requests and routing changes.
  • In-vehicle cameras:  In the event of hard braking, swerving, or a collision, our in-vehicle cameras save a video of the events just before and after the incident, providing both a training aid and insurance documentation.
  • Insurance:  Enjoy the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of an accident, we’ve got you covered with our $15 million insurance policy on every vehicle in our company-owned fleet.

Choose AAA Worldwide Transportation if safety of your travelers is your top concern!  Call Kim Force, Manager of Business Development, at (800) 932-7789 today to learn more about our services and how we keep your travelers safe!


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